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The Dwanta Audit module, DAudit, is a general-purpose Open Source System Audit Monitoring and Collection System that works standalone or networked, for Linux and MacOSX.

To download the source code or binary files, create a free account and then the "downloads" section will be available when you sign in to your account.


Learn how to use the daudit system to:
  • Track opened files, sockets, processes
  • Real-time processing of activity
  • Supports Linux and MacOS
  • Schedule reports to run daily/weekly/monthly
  • Generate alerts on activity
  • Detail reports or summaries by user and host
  • Records load averages, disk usage and more
  • Open-source client software in C++
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Learn how to use Internet IO for:
  • Analog and digital IO
  • Real-time processing of activity
  • Generate alerts
  • Tracks whatever values you wish
  • Open-source client software in C++
  • Supports the Labjack devices
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A complete business card transaction system:
  • Run transactions on your own proprietary card
  • Host to authorize and capture transactions
  • Velocity and other limits for purchases
  • Two factor authentication of purchases via smartphone
  • Generate invoices in PDF or HTML
  • Supports The Site Controller system
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